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KCIFMA Education

Education exists in many forms in our chapter, but first and foremost it is the number one focus of our mission. From the very beginning of our chapter, a commitment was made to the development of the chapter's members. The thought was that if the members were "professionally fed", they would find IFMA a sustainable element in their professional life. While programs change, the core structure is still the same; commitment to academic scholarships, promotion of the CFM designation, continuance of the CE101 (continuing education classes) and integration of the educational component into the monthly meetings. As our profession evolves and matures it will be paramount for this division of our organization to stay abreast of the emerging trends and communicate effectively those changes to the chapter members.

Educational Seminars

In order to continue the chapter's focus on education the Education Committee provides seminars focusing on emerging trends, best practices, expanding fundamental knowledge, and advanced FM topics.  Most seminars will consist of a half-day program with breakfast or lunch provided, however some seminars may be a full-day in length because of the information presented.  Due to the wide array of topics and participant target (beginner, intermediate, advanced) we guarantee you will find seminars a benefit to your professional career.

As a member of the KC IFMA Chapter you have access to these educational opportunities every quarter so make sure to take advantage and build your personal worth by building your knowledge base.

FM Audio Seminars

FREE of charge to those who wish to join us at varying locations about Kansas City. 

See the KCIFMA Events Page for dates and times. 

Or register online if you would prefer to view seminar at your own location it is $99.00 for members or $149.00 for non-members.  Register here to register




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